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Franky Vercauteren – coach’s portrait just before first game.

Vercauteren in camera of Gregory Grytchenko Dubai photographer

” I am Franky Vercauteren, I am couch here”- I heard, looking at good-looking man. I was sure he is football player. For this moment I become to be coach of real couch. I wanted to present his as new person in this world, new man who had come here to win to be leader […]

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Marta & Piotr – ” Trash a Dress ” 17 degrees in Baltic Sea

wedding photographers Dubai

Europe is amazing place for shooting pictures, beautiful cast, see, lakes and forests. I love this changes when you coming back from hot country to place where you feel cool breeze. Polish Baltic Sea is a such a place. Imaging temperature 17-20 degree and water 16 degree. Yes,quite cold. Only adrenaline helped a bride and […]

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Manar & Abdallah – maternity session

manar & abdullah 8

Waiting for newborn is amazing time for couple, you can not see but feel. With Manar & Abdallah we met last December on “Love Story Session’ and their wedding.Today we have met them again in different occasion. I am ready for next session ,when you welcome your child.

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