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History of one picture – La Digue Sous de Largent Seychelles

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Bride on La Digue Anse Source d’ Argent This amazing beach are visited by thousands people from all over the world. But this small island is only one from many of this kind in this paradise archipelago. We adore to shoot there. Every next travel I can see this small paradise from different perspective. We […]

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How much time is in one second, secrets of great composition.

What is a distinction between skilled photographer and amateur one ? One of them is that professional artist feel time longer, it means that our second lasts longer then identical second for an additional person. It does not imply that professional are  like robots or machines. It solely means throughout one second we will see […]

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JLT in Fire- Tamweel Tower in fire

tamweel JLT in Fire HD

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Photographer at work

I like to capture very natural moments, waiting until I can see a spark or fire in their eyes. Amal & Rohit, you definitely have this vibration between you. As a Dubai photographer I am looking for new inspirations, that’s why I discovered Seychelles. Paradise islands. New collection of images from Seychells soon.

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Dubai photographer in Joelle MBC1

Gregory in Joelle program reveals secrets of glamour wedding photography.

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“Sky is the limit” by Gregory Grytchenko got shortlisted in the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award

The place were the photo were taken was a desert about 9 years ago and with the vision of Ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Mohammed, he turned to Dubai to a place between East and West. Now at this place there is more than 200 towers in Dubai Marina, Jbr and Jlt. This picture shows […]

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36 th floor’s window

Blue Eye Picture Photography Dubai

This image was taken from my window from 36th floor in The Address Marina. I love this view. First pictures as colored  is nice but personally I preferred second one in Black & White, its more artistic and mysterious. I took a few pictures using different exposures; once ISO 100, once ISO 1000, and relatively […]

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LAF Magazine Dubai-Captains in Business

LAF#5 Cover

  Tip: when you shooting portraits create nice atmosphere between you and person being portrayed .You have only few minutes to get know them better, to find who they are and what is the best combination of mind and visual side of that person being photographed by you. Second issue poses; it is very individual […]

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corporate or art?

babyliss 2

… when you making corporate pictures what is most important? I think it is the same when you portrait wedding event, composition, art touch and the right moment. I like to find those moments in such a actions.Those 5 models were siting in a stage waiting for audience I found really interesting theme to portrait […]

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Gregory reveals backstage of his work

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