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Gregory Grytchenko a founder of Blue Eye Picture both with Dorota J.Williams are Premium photographers in Dubai.
In our photographs we wish to capture gestures, unspoken words, to the most important moments in people`s lives.
Gregory creates stunning portraits and spontaneously taken stand-alone works of art that celebrate all the fun, love and laughter of your wedding day. He loves to document life in artful way.
Dorota with an extraordinary eye for beauty and authentic emotion, capture your story as it unfolds. Brilliantly combining editorial – style wedding photography with fine-art photojournalism to capture what’s truly beautiful about you and your wedding, she celebrates every detail that fits your style and every moment that you’ll want to remember through photographs that tell your story the way you want it to be told.
With our passion and hearts we captures dreams and memories.
If you want us to be a part of your big day
feel free to contact us.

In our photographs we wish to capture gestures, unspoken words, to preseve the most important moments in peoples’ lives. We work as a photographer, especially a wedding photographer, and in that role we fulfil ourselfs. We portrait in our photos the Middle East, especially its most magical of cities – Dubai. Working every day amongst artists, photographers and cameramen we realize our potential. Especially wedding photographers, do not focus only on the wedding ceremony or the following festivities, but foremost show in their photographs what interests people, their emotions and the culture of Dubai. We invite you to a wonderful journey through our photographs.
Gregory & Dorota
Our Style
1. Wedding Photojournalism
Wedding Photojournalism is a story telling style of wedding photography that involves minimal involvement on the part of the dubai photographer. A photojournalistic wedding photographer allows all of the moments to unfold around them, while they simply use their creative eye to capture and interpret those moments through their photography.
2. Fine-Art Wedding Photography
Fine-art wedding photography involves using artistic angles, creative lighting, unique compositions and advanced post production techniques to create imagery with a much stronger artistic flare. Our wedding photographers are very meticulous about researching scenes and anticipating moments so that we can use fine-art techniques, without interfering with our surroundings.
Fine-art wedding photography starts with an image shot with an artistic finish in mind, most likely not a “say cheese” moment. In post production, these images are transformed into fine-art using textures, filters, masks, and other advanced Photoshop techniques to create a visually stunning, emotional image.
3. Fashion Wedding Photography
Fashion photography is a genre of photography that is focused around displaying clothing and other fashion items for commercial purposes. This style of photography is popular in large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles or Milano. However, there are several unique photography techniques that are employed in fashion photography which we borrow in our wedding photography style. These techniques include the usage of unique off camera lighting, fashion-esque poses and expressions, along with dramatic backgrounds. Typically, our fashion influenced style of wedding photography will only be used at request of the bride and groom during the engagement shoot/bridal shoot, as it does require some photographer involvement.
4. Traditional Wedding Photography
Traditional wedding photography typically has quite a bit of wedding photographer involvement. The wedding photographer is seen almost as a type of coordinator, and thus, assists in guiding and directing the wedding. While Gregory and Dorota Dubai Wedding Photographers are not traditional wedding photographers, we do have extensive experience in directing and posing people for group formals when necessary. However, in general, our philosophy is to capture real moments and to remain as unnoticed as possible.
5. Trash The Dress Wedding Photography
“Trash the dress” are all terms used to refer to the style of photography that contrasts elegant bridal clothing with an environment that is completely out of place. We typically shoot this type of photography with a fashion and fine-art style of photography. Popular locations for these sessions are beaches on Seychelles, in Dubai, on Maledives, or any other sandy beach, but we can also get creative with a location that fits your personality or expresses your artistic side. If relieving post-wedding tension with a trash the dress photography session is what you are looking for, we would be happy to oblige you.

Wedding in Park Rotana Abu Dhabi

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Wedding Park Rotana Abu Dhabi After every wedding I love to chose my directory collection which is consist of max 100 images. Today I present to you amazing couple and their great wedding that was located in Park Rotana in Abu Dhabi . As a premier integrated lifestyle destination in the heart of Abu Dhabi, […]

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One step before Los Angeles Taleen & Rafael

Amazing couple in amazing place. We are lucky photographer we can shot such people that passion is burning between them. This talented bride to be is famous from her music production video clips- watch here Taleen Kalbian Winter late sun, energy from couple and our heart this is all about those pictures. We wish them […]

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Bride photography Collection by Blue Eye Picture

Wedding Photography Dubai By Blue Eye Picture

This is another kind of expressing myself, photographs are one but painting or creating some surrealistic is another one. As a photographer in Dubai I am looking for different way of experiments and to plat with different kind of tools. Why? for fun, for open my mind or for braking the rules. As a photographer […]

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Fine Art Bride Photography

photograper dubai Gregory Grytchenko & Dorota J. Williams

I am sharing with great pleasure with this photographs I have post pro-ducted today. I love to paint using all my textures, mixing them together, to cover, to uncover, to matching colors and structures, I love it! From now on in Blue Eye Picture’s packages   fine art photograph of a bride with photographer”s signature […]

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Engagement Photography Dubai

family pictures dubai 1 family pictures dubai 2 family pictures dubai 3 family pictures dubai 4 family pictures dubai 5 family pictures dubai 6 family pictures dubai 7 family pictures dubai 8 family pictures dubai 9 family pictures dubai 10 family pictures dubai 11 family pictures dubai 12 family pictures dubai 13 family pictures dubai […]

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History of one picture – La Digue Sous de Largent Seychelles

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Bride on La Digue Anse Source d’ Argent This amazing beach are visited by thousands people from all over the world. But this small island is only one from many of this kind in this paradise archipelago. We adore to shoot there. Every next travel I can see this small paradise from different perspective. We […]

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How much time is in one second, secrets of great composition.

What is a distinction between skilled photographer and amateur one ? One of them is that professional artist feel time longer, it means that our second lasts longer then identical second for an additional person. It does not imply that professional are  like robots or machines. It solely means throughout one second we will see […]

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Анастасия и Алексей Cтрасть и рай – свадьба на Сейшельaх

Свадьба на Сейшелах

Constance Lémuria Resort – это роскошный гостиничный комплекс с собственным полем для гольфа на 18 лунок, открывшийся 1 декабря 1999 года, уютно расположившийся на берегу бирюзовой лагуны острова Праслин. Архитектура и внутренний проект комплекса были разработаны с использованием натуральных материалов, таких как, например, древесина, камень, розовый гранит и солома.Этот комплекс стал одним из лучших мест […]

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Elation – Brides in Art Photography

My elation as a photographer is to discover new area how to express myself, what I feel creating artistic photographs. It is like journey with no limits.

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Discover Four Season Hotel Resort on Seychelles – Nik & Natasha

Your wedding is a reflection of your personalities and your life together: romantic, fun, stylish, elegant, welcoming, witty. No matter if you’re travelling across town or around the world, Four Seasons has all the elements — dream location, incredible cuisine, inspiring décor, impeccably trained staff — to make your wedding a personalized, special celebration for […]

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