Professional Head Shots for Linked In

In modern world , specially in corporate world the image of your person is very important. Very first selection is being processes on base of just photographs. And believe me thee is nothing to do if someone is handsome or good-looking man or woman. The matter is how your the best features are exposure. Face , body language, mimic, pose al of those factors together make a photograph good or average. Corporate photographer who taking head shots and business portraits must be aware of these factors and must be a master of this kind of photography.

Present corporate world inquire from you to present yourself as confident and reliable person and on the end pleasant person. In the business portrait all those features are together. This subject I have been studying all the time since few years and that is why I am a master of this kind of photography. To be only a photographer is to less, corporate business pictures demand more; a photographer psychologically go into mind to gain the best expression from a person to be taken.
Gregory Grytchenko
A destination corporate photographer based in Dubai

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