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My Lovely Wedding was launched to inspire and guide the newly engaged on how and where to get married in Dubai.
Joelle creator of this so interesting wedding blog made below interview with our amazing bride Bhavisha. I am also want you to present her wonderful work and recommend to visit her blog. It hard to find another one with such personal touch.
Making memories with Blue Eye Picture ♥

Bhavisha and Mayur got married last April at the Al Bustan Rotana in Dubai. The wedding was captured by Dubai wedding photographer Gregory at Blue Eye Picture. This gorgeous bride tells us her wedding story and how she was ‘ecstatic’ when she saw her wedding pictures…

The photography by Blue Eye Picture…
When I saw my wedding pictures I was very ecstatic. They turned out to be beautiful and just how I had hoped them to be.
How did you discover Blue Eye Picture?
Gregory was also the photographer for my cousins wedding. That’s how I discovered Blue Eye Picture.
How did you feel having your photos taken on your wedding day?
I enjoyed every bit of my pictures being taken. I was loving the attention Gregory was amazing, he made me feel very comfortable which helped me give him good shots.

In my opinion, wedding pictures are a priceless possession, and these are memories I want to cherish all my life. They have to be perfect and paying a little extra for them is totally worth it.

Planning the wedding…
Ours was an arranged marriage, families were involved. But after we got engaged, he did get on his knees and asked me for my hand in marriage.
I had always dreamt about how I wanted my wedding to be, and what would I would want to wear on this big day. Beautifully lit venue decorated with a wide variety of flowers.

Planning the wedding was the most difficult part. We had a lot of events for the wedding. Planning each event, that is, the venue, the decoration, the food and the outfits was a tedious affair. Our wedding celebration lasted for 8 days and making sure that each of the event is different and yet amazing was not easy.

What you wore on your wedding day…
All my outfits were designed by different designers in India. For my wedding I was wearing a very heavy traditional red outfit. I accessorised it with diamonds and pearls.
Mayur was wearing a very elegant cream outfit (sherwani). He got it designed from India as well.

The honeymoon…
We went to Miami, Vegas and London for our honeymoon.
The best bits…
The most memorable part of the wedding was the Sangeet. It was a dance party at Raffles, Dubai. Our family and friends put forward a performance for us. They danced at all my favourite songs and made the day very special for my husband and me.

Any advice for other brides…
My advice for other couples would be to just to enjoy every moment of being together. Create many special memories and keep reminding your partner how much you love them

Mayur and I were engaged for a year but we decided to get married just 4 months before 16th April. So we didn’t have much time to pay attention on details like flowers and cake. But we handed over this responsibility to our families and they did an amazing job with that.

thank you Bhavisha
thank you Joell

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