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One step before Los Angeles Taleen & Rafael

Amazing couple in amazing place. We are lucky photographer we can shot such people that passion is burning between them. This talented bride to be is famous from her music production video clips- watch here Taleen Kalbian Winter late sun, energy from couple and our heart this is all about those pictures. We wish them […]

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Bride photography Collection by Blue Eye Picture

Wedding Photography Dubai By Blue Eye Picture

This is another kind of expressing myself, photographs are one but painting or creating some surrealistic is another one. As a photographer in Dubai I am looking for different way of experiments and to plat with different kind of tools. Why? for fun, for open my mind or for braking the rules. As a photographer […]

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Fine Art Bride Photography

photograper dubai Gregory Grytchenko & Dorota J. Williams

I am sharing with great pleasure with this photographs I have post pro-ducted today. I love to paint using all my textures, mixing them together, to cover, to uncover, to matching colors and structures, I love it! From now on in Blue Eye Picture’s packages   fine art photograph of a bride with photographer”s signature […]

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Engagement Photography Dubai

family pictures dubai 1 family pictures dubai 2 family pictures dubai 3 family pictures dubai 4 family pictures dubai 5 family pictures dubai 6 family pictures dubai 7 family pictures dubai 8 family pictures dubai 9 family pictures dubai 10 family pictures dubai 11 family pictures dubai 12 family pictures dubai 13 family pictures dubai […]

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How much time is in one second, secrets of great composition.

What is a distinction between skilled photographer and amateur one ? One of them is that professional artist feel time longer, it means that our second lasts longer then identical second for an additional person. It does not imply that professional are  like robots or machines. It solely means throughout one second we will see […]

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